Our team at Brody HVAC is ready to EARN your relationship.

Lighthouses have always been special to my wife and me. I proposed in front of the Tybee Island lighthouse, and both of us love the symbolism of lighthouses with our faith. Because of this, when the opportunity to start my own business presented itself in 2020, we formed an LLC with the name Lighthouse Dreams. When the Lord changed my direction and an HVAC company was born, we thought and prayed about a new name. The name Brody HVAC was chosen to be an example to our son of our two company principles: Integrity & Quality. We do our best to instill these in him each day, and they are the cornerstones of our business.

We are grateful for the relationships that we have. As a result, these relationships are what drive us to do our best, not only for our direct customers but in a way that allows our customers to be comfortable to refer us to their friends and family. We specialize in improvement in airflow and efficiency. We can analyze your current system and determine ways to help lower your electric bill. If you have a suspicion that your system is not operating to its best ability or don’t know if your previous installation experience is one you want to repeat, please give us a call.

Chas & Wendy Becker – Owners of Brody HVAC