Have you ever wondered why there are several companies that work in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry with the word “Mechanical” in their name? That’s because in a building or home there are very few items that operate as mechanical. In most cases, the primary mechanical device in a home outside of an appliance device is your heating and air conditioning system. When we think of the word “mechanical” we think of an automobile – and the mechanic who has to work on it periodically. The same holds true with the mechanical systems in your home. In fact, they have specifications in which they are designed to run. For the same reason you take your car to the service station and allow a mechanic to review all of the safety points and ways your car’s engine can be more efficient by saving fuel.

Fall Maintenance

Fall is a great time to complete maintenance on your system. During our visit, our technicians check every component of your system, and change out the filters. This will ensure that your heating system is working properly, is safe to operate, and is not at risk of causing a fire in your home or deadly gases to be released.

Spring Maintenance

During the spring our technicians will check all components of your air conditioning system, change your air filters, and clean your system to ensure it is running its best. This will help to keep your electric bills low during the summer months.


The great thing about maintenance visits is that we are able to talk with you about items that should be replaced to avoid imminent or premature failure, and best of all help you budget for the time of your replacement so that expense doesn’t catch you off guard. Our maintenance pricing is extremely competitive and is less than a service call would be to determine what has failed in the event we had not performed the maintenance. Better yet, we provide a discount on any service work performed during the time that a maintenance agreement is in place.

Maintenance agreements are just that, a gentlemen’s agreement. We do not enforce contracts, but we hope that our work earns you as a customer for life. We do perform maintenance on all makes and models of residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning systems.